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Congratulations on the insight of owning rental properties in today's market. The downside of this investment is the personal costs of time and effort. Our experience is that it can be difficult to manage rental properties. Here are some questions to ask yourself…

  • Is advertising, showing the vacant home, screening tenants, and running credit checks a hassle? 
  • Do you dread collections, late rent, and evictions?
  • Does confrontation over tenant issues such as poor property upkeep cause you stress? 
  • Are you easily keeping up with the routine maintenance and repairs? 
  • Is it a burden to collect rent, pay vendors, and perform all the bookkeeping necessary for rentals?
  • Are you up to date on the latest government laws on tenancy, fair housing, and policies such as mold and lead based paint?

Services and Solutions: Here's what Savior PM can do to help…

  • Intensive Internet marketing via MLS, Savior Property Management website, and other sites
  • Tenant Screening, professional credit checks, background checks, and employment verification
  • Property evaluations, planning, and routine property inspections
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Line
  • Arrange maintenance and repairs
  • Provide legal forms such as disclosures, leases, addendums etc.
  • Rent collections and evictions
  • Book-keeping and monthly financial reports

Savings: The bottom line is we reduce your costs, increase your profits, and save your time. Here's how… 

  • We are minimum $100 or 12% of the monthly rental amount.
  • Vacancy periods are significantly reduced with our pool of prospective renters and broad internet marketing. 
  • We have relationships with maintenance contractors and receive discounts on work done, thereby passing savings on to you. 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with work completed.
  • Periodic interior and exterior inspections to ensure your property is properly maintained.
  • We perform extreme due diligence on our renters background to minimize your overall vacancy rate and potential non-payments of rent. (criminal, credit, work/landlord history, personal/professional references.)
  • We save you all the time that it takes dealing with maintenance and tenant hassles, not to mention accurate monthly activity statements, saving book keeping time costs.
  • Handle all eviction and court appearances.

Savior Property Management
"Save Your Time & Money"

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